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We love the Italian Dolomites

- here's a page dedicated to Cortina...  

A) Panoramic view of the whole resort


> An amazing view of the resort is from Ra Valles - Ski Area Tofana (second station of the cable car Funivia Freccia nel Cielo) with view of the whole town and mountains Antelao, Faloria, Cristallo and Pomagagnon.

B) Typical Italian Refugio

> There are many typical Italian-Alpine rifugi - some examples here with links to their website so you can have a better idea: Rifugio Col Drusciè + new Masi Wine Bar or Rifugio Pomedes (Ski area Tofana); Rifugio Averau (Ski area 5 Torri),  Rifugio Capanna Tondi (Ski area Faloria). I will send you shortly a WeTransfer where you will find pictures of all lodges attached with the lodge name in the name of the file.


C) Uber cool cutting edge Ibiza style (cool music and furnishings) bar on mountain and in town  

> On the mountains Chalet Tofane (just renewed over the summer) where they have every day apres ski music after lunch or Enoteca Baita Fraina in the town center - nice atmosphere and very good-wine. Ideal for age 25-45. Also the Bar Sport in the town center should meet your needs - it is rather small but very traditional in their furnishing and loved by the locals.


D) Best authentic Italian pizzeria


> There is not one specific pizzeria which is more famous than the rest - here some examples: Pizzeria 5 Torri, Pizzeria at Ra Valles (highest Pizzeria in the Dolomites), Pizzeria Ariston, Pizzeria La Perla



E) best place with fireplace and lots of atmosphere


> Restaurant San Brite or Restaurant-Hotel Dolomiti Lodge Alverà meet these requirements.



F) must see place or venue that your resort is famous for


> the town center - Corso Italia (the pedestrian street) with all its nice stores and boutiques

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